palila hanai

2024 is Year of the Hawaiian Forest Birds, I am making a big statement about deepening our relationship with nature, especially our native manu (birds).   

You can commit to this Earth Month by symbolically adopting nature as your own ohana (family). Native Hawaiians and indigenous people around the world have done this for generations. In Hawaiian, this practice of informal adoption called “hanai” is extended as a loving expression to others in need of family. In this case not just palila, but endangered species around the world.

We are one big ohana of creatures who share this beautiful planet. As of 2024, there are about 300 Palila left.

Please join us by adopting one small bird, and join in the symbolic bond that makes you feel extra love for, and connection to, all life that sustains us.

Thereʻs still time to join our flock of palila parents! Hanai-a-Palila.

The deadline for adoption is May 30, 2024

If you have any questions regarding this project then please email:

Palila adopted so far: 19 / 300

Honoring our Proud Palila Parents

Diana M. Palila Berger
Adkins Ohana
Mike Fink
Henkin-Nibbe Ohana
Yvonne Chan
Sara Takula
James Friday
Suzanna Valerie
Cindy Granholm
Jamie Tanino
Mary Heyer
Kobey Togikawa
Christopher Phillips
Cherlyn Zane
Robert Hahn
Berger Ohana
Trisha Loo
Alvin Fong
Chris Farmer

Bird Image Credit: Bird by Bram van Rijen.

Human Image Credit: Loved one by Miho Suzuki-Robinson.